Tumble Weed

This site has not been updated for 3 years. Partly due to family commitments, partly due to my very fulfilling fulltime role at ForgeRock. I shall hopefully find time to update and revamp in 2017 :)

About this site

The purpose of this website is to showcase some of my own personal freelance work, and to share some of my ideas and thoughts around front end development and web design.

It is an exciting time to be a web developer, the browsers are becoming ever more powerful, the internet is changing... and IE6 & 7 have almost gone away.

What I do

I am a multi-disciplined front-end developer who is passionate about web design and development. I spend much of my spare time learning (and obsessing) about the latest web technologies as well as developing websites for friends and local organizations.

I am very excited to have just joined ForgeRock as their Senior UI Developer. ForgeRock are a very successful multinational startup with huge potential. I shall be focusing mainly on their OpenAM product in the Bristol office, but also improving my technique and laying down some phat beats on the drum kit in their basement. \m/

My background

I have fourteen years experience in IT of which six years were working professionally as an Interactive Web Designer/Developer, and the past three years a UI Developer. A background in object orientated Actionscript development has given me a head start in the ever shifting world of html, css and javascript and my previous life in a senior support role has given me the confidence to know I am able to achieve almost anything I put my mind to.

Angry Chameleon