Raised in a single parent household, young hip-hop artist home Slur has always faced adversity. Growing up his mother always did the best she could to provide both her son and herself with positive initiatives to keep their minds off the ugly city that surrounded them. When he was at the age of 8, Slur's mother bought him a boom box and a drum set which sparked the musical addiction that runs through Slurís blood to this day.

With age came wisdom and although Slur had moved out of the urban area of the city and into a quieter neibourhood the lingering memories of his youth still haunted him. The result of his youthful upbringing where he was surrounded with drugs, drinking and death became a blemish on his now famous "War Report Card".

After battling so long to ease his pain, Slur turned to the only thing he felt he hadn't lost ...music. After constructing several mix tapes he was finally recognized by Motion Audio Productions label head Kris Octane. Shortly after signing to the label, Slur began work on his first release "Last Call" the album is a mix of quotable lines , catchy chorus's and crisp production.

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